We are proud to be the original designers and to own the international design registrations for our racks.

What you don't see is what you get.

Ghost Racks allow everyday athletes to display their sporting equipment in a way that inspires adventure.

Proudly Australian.

Ghost Racks is Australian Owned and Operated.

When you buy from us, you are supporting local Australian business.

This doesn't belong in the shed.

We believe inspiration is sparked from what you surround yourself with.
This doesn't belong in the shed.


Ghost Racks was born when Shane Atkins bought a vintage 1980’s Mark Richards twin fin. Knowing this board deserved pride of place Shane collaborated with Darren Barnes, a fellow surfer and local Sunshine Coast plastics fabricator, to expertly design and craft some clear acrylic racks.

The brief was simple - these racks needed to be reliable, well designed and unobtrusive. It was never about the racks, it was about what they are displaying.

Validation from the National Surfing Museum of Australia and professional surfers Jamie O’Brien, Mark Richards, Rob Machado and Gary ‘Kong’ Elkerton - solidified their position in the market as the premium display rack of choice.​


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Christmas is upon us again and after another year where many of us were locked indoors and away from our friends and families, this festive season should give us all a chance to reunite and swap poorly wrapped presents. To take the pressure off your gift buying rush, we've put together a selection of cool gifts for the surfer in your life.

We sat down with Debbie McGuigan, the wife of the world's oldest competitive surfer, the late Barry (Magoo) McGuigan who recently passed after his two-year battle with non-Hodgkins lymphoma at 85.
JAMIE O'BRIEN Professional Surfer

Ghost Racks is the perfect way to display what surfing means to me.

Steve Land Customer

The crew at Ghost Racks provided the perfect solution with near invisible racks to display my restored 1961 longboard. Shanes advice and commitment was outstanding in supplying a set of clear custom racks that suited the specs of my classic log. My prize possession is now displayed horizontally on the wall of our family room for all to enjoy. If you're looking to display a special board without seeing a bulky rack set up, look no further. GHOST RACKS ARE THE GO! 

GARY 'KONG' ELKERTON Former Pro Champion Surfer

Funny to be recommending something that I can’t see… My Pipe Masters 1989 winning board now sits in pride of place in my lounge room and it’s like it’s just floating there. I can see the pure outline of my board without the hindrance of seeing a bulky racking system. My board is in a ‘Wraith Rack’ – It’s minimal, sleek and the design is solid. It’s perfectly weighted so I know my board is secure and safe. If you are a collector or you just have a favourite board to display – I highly recommend getting your board in a Ghost Rack.

JOHN WOOD BoardRun Premium Surfboard Transport

Ghost Racks – The perfect rack when you don’t want to see the rack! Well built and easy to install/assemble. I highly recommend these racks and consider them the best racks on the market.

ANDREW DYKSTRA Brewhouse Margaret River

We have set up a surfboard display in our microbrewery and found the Ghost Surfboard Racks are perfect. They look clean, professional, are of sturdy construction and don’t detract from the item on display. Shane was very helpful in ensuring we had the right components for our display.


I researched the market for a while for a surfboard rack which could display a board vertically. There were very few options and the options out there weren’t great. I finally found exactly what I was looking for. I purchased it, it was easy to install and displays the board really well. Shane was really helpful and would strongly recommend these to anyone wanting to display a board on the wall.


It has come up great. I will be recommending them to anyone who will listen, mate. They are awesome. I have even won over my wife with this.

Peggy Holdgrafer Customer

Can’t thank you all enough! You guys made the whole process of custom designing seem so easy! At least on my end! Shane was a blast to work with! He responded so quickly to all my questions. I also appreciate all the attention put into getting all the special measurements on my board. Because of that smooth process you have, I have the exact look I was going for…simple & clean. Absolutely nothing comes close to Ghost Racks products, service, & especially the wonderful people behind the product!