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Transparent Australian-Made Surfboard Display Racks

Transparent Australian-Made Surfboard Display Racks

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Select Your Type Of Rack Display Below

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Ghost Racks have appeared out of thin air to become an earthly phenomenon in the surfboard display world. Made out of solid Ghost Acrylic, racks are virtually invisible so boards appear in their best light with minimal interference. With wall-mounted, freestanding and custom models available, all boards are  catered for from single to twin fins, thrusters and malibus. Whether showcasing a board in the home, retail or commercial space, with Ghost Racks, WHAT YOU DON’T SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.

Funny to be recommending something that I can’t see… My Pipe Masters 1989 winning board now sits in pride of place in my lounge room and it’s like it’s just floating there.

I can see the pure outline of my board without the hindrance of seeing a bulky racking system.
 My board is in a ‘Wraith Rack’ – It’s minimal, sleek and the design is solid. It’s perfectly weighted so I know my board is secure and safe.

If you are a collector or you just have a favourite board to display – I highly recommend getting your board in a Ghost Rack.

Gary ‘Kong’ Elkerton

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