We had a chat with Phil Todd, surfing aficionado/super fan about his ever growing collection and what makes him passionate about surf culture.

1. Where in Australia do you call home?
Woonona, New South Wales

2. What do you have displayed in your Ghost Racks?
I currently have 6 x surfboards displayed all of which are ex professional boards, Kolohe Andino, Julian Wilson, Sebastion Zeitz, Joel Parkinson, Connor O’leary & Luke Egan.

3. What is the story behind them?
I started collecting a lot of Rugby League memorabilia when I was younger & then I started to collect some older boards as well, I seen the Julian Wilson one on the JS website, I then started to sell the old ones to pay for the newer ex professional boards.

4. Where is it set up?
We have just completed a man shed that I have wanted since I was around 20yrs old. I have the 6 boards but I also have a heap of rugby league stuff as well.


5. Tell us a bit about your story, how did you start surfing?
When I was around 11 I moved to Thirroul & started surfing then, Once I started I would be in the water all day every day.

6. What does surfing mean in your life today?
Unfortunately I don’t surf as much anymore, I am due for a hip replacement next year so once I recover from that I will then be getting back into surfing, I do still think about it every day.

7. Biggest achievement? In or out of the water.
My biggest achievement would be my kids with my wife Jill, also to finally get that man shed with all the stuff that I have collected for 20+yrs & see it hanging on the walls.

8. If you could surf anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would it be with?
If I could surf anywhere in the world I would probably pick Thirroul on a NE swell, all my mates would be out just like it used to be 20+ yrs ago.