Name: Lucy

Where in the world do you call home?
Brisbane, Australia

What do you have displayed in your Ghost Racks?
I have my 5'7" fish 'Princess Peach' displayed in a set of free standing Ghost Racks.

What is the story behind what you are displaying?
This little gem was actually bought off Gumtree. I had been looking for a shorter board to better suit my Stradbroke Island adventures and after months of looking she popped up in Ocean Shores. The seller had wild stories of his adventures with this board, it had been to some pretty remote areas in search of great waves. I could tell it was a hard board for him to let go of, but his extensive quiver meant he needed to in order to make some room. It made me want the board more knowing that it had already lived such a great life.

A friend called her 'Princess Peach' and it just stuck. It is one of those boards that everyone wants to have a go on, and everyone has a great time with it too. She is always requested by friends to come on surf trips as an additional board just because they love the ride.

When not in the water, she sits in my office in a set of free standing Ghost Racks. She is in the background of my zoom calls and is always a discussion point with clients I am meeting with. Although I don't get to ride her nearly as much as I wish, seeing her every day at work just reminds me of all the good times.