Hidden in an ancient landscape off the coast of British Columbia, Canada is the village of Tofino. Here, we treasure the quiet inlets, the old growth rainforest and the rolling waves that embody the vibrancy of this place. We celebrate our acclaimed food scene and our rich arts and culture. We tread softly and have respect for everything and everyone who call Tofino home. Because here, everything is connected. Surfboard rack installation

: Mark Hobson
Name of Board: Going with the Flow

History of the board: The board was shaped by a local board shaper & then a reproduction of an original Mark Hobson painting was applied to the board. 

Essentially a photo process copy of the original is made, applied to the board and then coated.

Description from artist of original painting: original acrylic on canvas Mark Hobson painting also titled Going with the Flow, released in 2000. “The coast of B.C. and Alaska is home to the largest octopus in the world, the Pacific Giant Octopus, which can grow tentacles almost 9 feet in length. 

They are shy creatures and hide most of the day by camouflaging themselves among the rocks and sea weeds below the tide line. Extremely agile hunters, they venture out at night in search of crabs and shrimp.

I encountered an octopus on my first check out dive near Victoria, B.C. and was so moved by this intelligent, fluid animal that it started me on a life-long journey of trying to paint the underwater world. 

I have painted several paintings featuring octopus and generally take artistic license in depicting them red in colour which normally occurs when they are stressed or making an escape. Their red mode is the perfect counterpoint to the dark grays and greens of their surroundings.”

Nancy Cameron | Executive Director 
Tourism Tofino