Brett - Client Surfboard Story

I purchased my McGrigor Surfboard at an Adelaide Surf shop called Top of Taps on the Tapleys Hill Road in 1975 – 2nd hand. Saved up my money working in a petrol station 3 days a week after school. In those days people had driveway service for fuel, tyre, water etc.
Your Board Connection
My McGrigor board has been with me ever since 1975. It cost me $105.00. The board was originally made in Manly at the McGrigor factory and made its way to South Australia when I purchased it. As a 30th wedding anniversary gift I had it restored and a mural sprayed by Martin Worthington. My youngest daughter has already taken dibs on it so I know it will remain in the family for many years to come.
Your Surfing Connection
I surfed mainly on the south coast of South Australia, spending hours in the water, the usual $2.00 hot chips for lunch and back out again. I surfed an entire winter in just board shorts as I had no money to buy a wetsuit at that time. I would come out of the water with my feet white and no feeling in my toes for about an hour. Managed to save for a wetsuit and purchased a Rip Curl long john, thought all my Christmas's had come at once.
Your Board's Display
I’m not able to ride this now as I’m more onto a long board as the middle age spread takes over. The restoration has come up a real treat and being displayed in Ghost Racks gives my Mcgregor the honest appraisal it deserves in my home.