Custom board display.

The CONJURE is GHOST RACKS® custom design, where you call forth the spirits to design your own surfboard display rack. Some boards are so unique in shape they need special consideration to allow them to be mounted safely.

Alternatively, it might be the space that poses mounting challenges for a regular shaped board? Either way, our design team can work with you to conjure up a board rack that suits your individual showcasing needs.

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  • Custom board orientation – nose up or down / deck side up or down
  • Universal board sizing for all lengths determined on consultation
  • Invisibly supports boards by the nose, fins or rails determined on consultation
  • Supports all board designs: single, twin, thruster, quad fin, and malibu
  • Laser cut 10 – 20mm clear Ghost Acrylic
  • Diamond polished edges
  • Clear abrasive resistant tape
  • Single piece robust brackets
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware and instructions supplied
  • Dimensions: custom
  • Weight: custom
  • Fully recyclable
  • Australian designed and made

All GHOST RACKS® are made to order so please allow five working days for your order to dispatch.

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